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>> there is nothing more to learn. the tape story. okay? you've got it? you know? it's okay. it's just like any other family. >> this will be the second time they've faced each other, squaring off thanksgiving night. ravens beating niners in that game. more coming up on the tape in the middle of the room story. they put a tape down the middle. of course, they both crossed the line. so that is what it's all about. >> this time there are side line autos yes. yes. and big football players. >> it's a story story. >> yes. no question. >> 49ers fans are elated the victory is behind them, now, the folk jus on super bowl 47 in new orleans. abc 7 news is live at 49ers head quarters for us tonight
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in santa clara. sergio? >> well, larry said it. it's historic. but for 49ers organization and fans of course, this is another chance to bring home another championship trophy. the moment the 49ers game was over, the family hatched a plan for a road trip. >> we wanted to go last night. >> the destination is in the store in san francisco. intention, droves of others buying jerseys. this is a trip that started early today. >> we woke up at 8:00 in the morning to come from sacramento just to come to the store. >> throughout the bay area, 49ers red is the color of the day, even if you're too young to know why. fans are savoring this trip to the super bowl. >> just win, win.
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it's been a long time coming. we need one more. >> the last time they brought a trophy was 18 years ago. coach hopes to add another to the collection saying this super bowl match up against his big brother, john harbaugh is a blessing and a curse. >> that is my brother's team. and also, person that played for ravens, great respect for the organization. >> the rivalry is making this a match up. prices are skyrocketing to more than $3,000 a piece. for those staying closer to home, the super bowl house party planning is in progress. >> we're still making plan was other toddlers and families and babies. >> for those looking to go to new orleans to turn this into a weekend, i checked in the official travel partner.
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they have package that's have round trip air fare, through tlee nights ain a hotel and a cheap ticket going for about $6,000 per person. not cheap. >> boy, better be a good game for $6,000. >> for kaepernik, it's central valley hometown, friends and family are beyond excited. he's from turlock. a small town on the map in a very big way. abc 7 news is there live. he's such a great story. >> this is downtown looked like red and gold. when they want to honor a hero, they like to do it with food. the owners for these are
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coming in from all over northern california to turlock's old time pace tri autos we'll be ready. we're making all day long. >> it's a cookie designed to honor collin kaeperin this case. -- nick. >> is this sneshl he's in it and fl here? >> yeah. it is. it's hometown, we're excited. >> yuft a wonderful kid, a neighborhood kid. played basketball, football, and baseball with all kids in the neighborhood. just a wonderful young man. >> downtown at main street they're turning out kaep specials, a hot dog topped with chili and something called secret sauce. so far, it's getting rave reviews. >> it's very hot. the dog is very hot. >> is it good? >> yes. it's good. >> not only hungry but proud?
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>> i think there are a lot of people proud. they're all in the kaepernick fever it seems kaepernick fever caught on. >> he's been playing awesome showing we do have players in this area that need to be taken a look at. >> he does this thing after he scores. do you know what that is? can you show me? what is he doing? >> kissing his muscles. >> now, the kaepernick's live up the road in modesto. collin kaepernick went to middle school here and he was a star at his high school, pitman high school. you can bet they'll celebrate him for many years still to come. >> he's done a great job. thank you very much. abc 7 news will be following
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49ers to new orleans for the big game. look for live reports all next week. >> surfer got more than he bargained for today after getting caught up in rip tides off san francisco ocean beach. sky 7 was overhead as the surfer sat on seal rock waiting to be rescued. he sat there. coast guard tried to approach the rock. they thought about a helicopter rescue. he explains they settled on a different aapproach. >> firefighters on surf boards came up close to me, told me to jump in. it's the right time. jumped n we paddled into the bay. further than i thought was possible. they picked us up and drove us here. >> the boat then took him to the pier. he was checked out as you can see, just heard him speak, he's doing just fine. >> the trial started in one of the worst work place killings in silicon valley. three executives of a start up company shot and killed four
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years ago. and now an attorney as a unique defense from his client. >> the attorney for the defendant says his client was insane. let me put the m mike on before i start. okay. the attorney says his client was insane when he shot and killed his three victims. now, the insanity defense is not unique. what is difference is what the attorney says caused this insanity. brutality of the chinese cultural revolution decades ago. >> a potential beautiful oriental vass from inception had a crack. >> that is what he calls the client. saying the 52-year-old experienced a break down down, when he shot and killed three
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executives. his head filled with flash backs he said from brutal abuse suffered during cultural revolution in china. >> they were considered traitors spit on and forced into hard labor. they never had enough food. >> murders happened november 14th. wu had been fired that morning. supposed to come back the next week to see if he can work instead as a consultant. police say he returned and shot the three in a meeting. sarah says he intended to shoot himself in front of boss autos they charged him. that is to disarm him. he doesn't remember pulling the trigger. >> prosecutors say it was revenge and that he planned murders and they say he bought a hundred bullets hours before
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gung down victims. sarah says his client is mentally ill and recurrent images of the horror suffered at the hands of the red guards. >> other children abused him, bullied him. they grag draged him to a pond attempting to drown him. >> dean johnson says there is a unique defense but it's go tok a hard sell n circumstances like this, someone has a motive to commit a killing, then, they claim insanity, juries are sus spish spishus. prosecutors said in court wu threatened a victim, the one that fired him saying you'll pay for this. sea port was bought by intel two years ago. court resumes tomorrow.
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>> thank you very much. >> still ahead tonight officials attempt another gun buy back. youm see how they did without offering money. >> we're going to report on president obama's agenda on the second term. this is video. there you can see the first couple dancing. >> a car comes back with a piece missing. what happened? i'm michael finney. 7 on your side is coming up. >> we'll see another mild day, winder like
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day two of a buy back program had a surprising number of people turning in guns for nothing because there is no money left to buy back the firearms meaning it's just a gun surrender program today. wayne freedman shows us why many turned in their guns anyway. >> in mill valley a previously uncontemplated equation. the higher the income level, fewer, finer gun autos we'd tlik see more turned in today. i think we're off to a good start. >> weapons range from bebe gun to a semi automatic rifle. to this piece, turned in, still loaded. >> this belonged to my stepfather. i think he'd want me to do this. and i, i'm not a gun person. >> nor arks apparently are many residents as lng as there is money involved. the district attorney began last week with 43,000ses today
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give away as n incentive, receiving 827 firearm that's day. >> there are so many, the county began issuing vouchers, today no, promises except a clean conscience. >> i don't want any money for it. >> the county spends $67,000, money it hopes to pay within 30 days. donations coming in to makeup the difference. one person gave $26. >> there is a dollar for each of the lives lost. >> baby steps to a safer world. they say yes. >> if we can save one person, it's worth it. >> it used to be people who owned guns said weapons gave
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them piece of mind, security. now, it seems to be the other way around. >> what if someone tries to steal from your place, what are you going to defend yourself with? >> our killer cat. >> several events held in the bay area to commemorate the birthday of dr. martin luther king. what billed as oldest continuous king celebration in the east bay kicked off this morning. themes associated with dr. king, people found it special to celebrate on the second inauguration of the nation's first black president. san francisco commemoration took place at yerba buena center for the arts today. >> common message, how much further there is to go.
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reverend carolyn scott calls it dream almost fulfilled. >> we are more united. we're more caring. and more transparent. however... we do still need to continue the growth. >> leaders from different faiths read from the writings. >> right there in alabama little black boys and little black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and little white girls as sisters and brother autos the reverend brings more than the average connection to this regular gassy. his mother was a young schoolteacher in alabama. today, it's an emotional one for her. >> it's just overwhelming to see how far we've come. what we've accomplished. we have a ways to go.
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>> there is still injustice and prejudice in work force areas. and there is as long as we're still playing catch up. >> they couldn't agree more in this rally. maddy scott lost her son 16 years ago. >> we're here. to say enough is enough. we want to drive for peace and celebrate and honor dr. king's birthday for nonviolence. >> scott wishes we can take guns out of hands and replace them with books. something king would champion were he here, today. >> and how nice it was a beautiful day for the celebration. >> it was gorgeous. >> thank you very much. >> yes. yes. >> as fi had something to do with it. it's a beautiful day continuing to be a nice evening around the bay area.
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looking westward we do have high clouds in the sky but it's clear. you can see here on doppler 7 clouds have been lurking off shore. mainly clear at the moment. readings into the 50s. so chilly in the bay area, we'll see clouds increasing late tomorrow. showers developing in the north bay early wednesday. we'll have much cooler weather by the end of the week continuing throughout the weekend. overnight tonight lows dropping down to 31 degrees in napa. 27, santa rosa. north bay valleys will be cold. chilly there as well. we'll see mid to upper 30s around the bay. low of 45 here. here is active weather and
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moisture meaning we'll see light showers in the north bay. we'll start at 4:00 wednesday morning. you can draw a line from southwest to northeast there. and you don't see rainfall moving east ask south of the line. tomorrow no, brain. just clouds. mainly sunny skies. hazy conditions mild, mainly into mid to upper 60s, cooler, low to mid-60s there. clouds will thicken early. we'll see low to mid-60s as well. farther south near monterey bay, highs at or above 70 degrees in most of those locations. here is the accu-weather
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forecast. showers, dry, cooler thursday. inland highs into mid-50s and upper 50s around the bay. not a lot in the way of rainfall. >> thank you. >> coming up next a unique perspective on the surf contest. >> yes
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want to show you a live picture of president and mrs. obama dancing in washington this evening. >> they're dancing to "let's stay together" i believe. you can see the gorgeous dress by jason wu. >> a lot of talk about her new hair style. >> it's amazing to see people taking pictures of this event. >> yes. exciting times in washington tonight. >> coming back here a daring nest a hayward.
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the owner of auto world says four men broke into the lot and forced open the gate then broke into the office and took the keys to several car asks drove away. the owner says cars worth about $200,000. authorities plan to review the video taken from several cameras on the lot. police looking for this spekd who terrorized employees in an attempted armed robbery saturday night. the robber charged into the store pointing a gun, and demanded money. when employees scrambled the guy narrowly missed one worker then ran from the store. >> game over for atari, filing for bankruptcy protection. the move is aimed at escaping
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a massive debt facing a atari parent company in france. >> blockbuster anonsed not enough people rent movies on dvd but a folksman says the company continues to see fal val in the brand. southwest airlines guarantees you'll be one of the first in line to board the flight. does it not put nut first 15. >> new, you can get that, right? >> yes. >> coming up next four more years, the president making a plea for unity. but he puts a number of devicive issues on the agenda. >> the role social media is playing. the president sending tweets today from church.
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my fellow americans we're made for this moment. we will see that so long as we see this together.
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>> president obama issuing a call for unity as he spells out aan agenda on devicive issues on day one of the next four years. >> in a dave ceremony, dramatically scaled back from the first inauguration, barack obama was sworn in today to a second term as president of the united states. the president and mrs. obama made a brief appearance a short time ago at one of the two big inaugural balls being held tonight. two major ones taking plate plais right now. >> after leaving capitol hill the president and first lady walked several several locks to -- blocks to the white house to thousands of cheering people, he called on the country to support his agenda on a number of controversial issues. >> abc 7 nuts is here now with more on that part for us. >> just heard the president talking about seizing the moment. he seized an opportunity today to speak to a huge national audience and bypass opponents
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in congress. the president says sed hard work, is part of the country's character but so is working together. >> no single person can train all of the math and science teachers we need to-to-teach our children for the future. >> repeating the phrase we the people, he outlined priority autos we will rye respond to the threat of climate change. knowing that the failure to do so would detray our children and future generations. >> reaction from the seer wherea club? >> it's important time for him to be leading on this issue. >> also talked about championing gay rights. >> our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone uls els under the law.
6:31 pm
if we're truly created equal the love for one another must be equal as well. >> the head of the national center for lesbian rights said she was close to tear autos we felt we weren't in a back room maybe he'll talk to fuss no one is watching. >> the impact on republican who's fear any compromise to lead to a challenge from within their own ranks. saying change will depend less on president and democrats and more on moderate republican autos jeb bushes of the republican party, lamar alexander, on the podium with the president today. >> murphy says he's seeing signs the deep freeze may be thawing. >> there is a sort of thing of hey we try that had and it didn't work.
6:32 pm
and maybe we want to win. >> the director of the leo mccarthy center said he was at a conference where jeb bush was challenge bid a mer conservative republican from utah saying the push back is polite, but pointed. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> many of you watched this morning but for many americans more than ever brrk television was one of two screens they were watching. more of the growing role of social media. >> when president obama took the oath of office, it wasn't the first time he added aegs dressed the public he had the president tweeting several times, once from church this morning. >> say what you want about his faith telling us plenty were tweeting from paul ryan to
6:33 pm
senator mckaskill's informal tweet of justice scalia's hat. >> there is sarah hatfield tweeted she was unable to tweet live. >> networks strained and twitter counted 1.1 million tweets and reaching a peak. >> we cannot mistake absolutism for principles or substitute spectacle for politics or treat name calling as reasoned debate. >> but the most-tweeted moment? bee yons n yeah, then, the parade. the armed forces had their own app letting spectateors track during realtime. >> this is the first time we've had phone aapps available.
6:34 pm
and people are getting opportunities to learn more about the military role in the inauguration. >> we're using twitter. if he talk to -- you talk to teenagers they're using inst instagram. >> stay with us. michael finney is coming up next. >> and tonight helping a woman who cam(kx;x;x;x;x$ú
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>> this is individual yof a fire burning out of control 50 miles north of sacramento. >> we understand fire crews are battling the blaze there. one person has been rescued from the that building. one firefighter is injured. this space employs about 4,000 people. >> now, taking your car to the shop can be a strain on your nerves and wallet. >> that is what one woman found out. her car came back a piece missing.
6:38 pm
>> the shop claimed it was missing when she brought the car n she says it's not true and taking your car in for repairs shouldn't mean losing pieces of it. >> judy is meticulous about maintaining her 2003 lexus, take being it to the shop for slight problem autos visor was loose. >> it was owned by judy's mom, they've kept every record in 10 years that is why it's perplexing the car came back with a missing part. >> this is significant piece missing off the back of the car. >> judy had taken the car to lexus of concord with a list of minor problems including a rattling noise. the technician told her they had to tighten the roof rack. >> they must have taken off the back end. i came back, it -- a piece was
6:39 pm
missing. >> she asked where the piece was. >> she said they'd look in the car wash. they said it wasn't there. >> lexus told her it was missing when she drove into the center. >> there is no way. i take good care of the car. >> judy's mom followed judy to drop off the car. >> absolutely positive that that part was not missing it would have been so obvious. >> lexus said it had video of her driving in with it missing. >> they couldn't show me in the film bringing knit. >> however, judy could not prove the piece was there when show drove in, either. lexus no longer makes this 10-year-old part. judy won't be able to replace it. >> he said i'll look at salvage yards. >> we contacted lexus
6:40 pm
corporate offices and the company search fofrd a new part and a day later judy got a call. >> she said i've got good news we have the part. i said what? here sismt the part snapped back in, matching her color perfectly. lexus of concord gave us a statement saying thank you very much. by calling you were able to facilitate getting us a replacement part to satisfy the customer. >> bat rathel is gone. the car is beautiful. i'm a happy girl. >> sweet that. is whaits all about. the tech should do a walk around making sure there aren't any dents or dings that way, you know what is there. >> looks like when you rent a car. >> yes.. >> you can tell she took care of the auto. >> yes. >> wow. >> just ahead, made in america
6:41 pm
story of a man who couldn't find a job. >> he went to work and made
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what do you do if you graduate from college as the recession is begin asking you can't find a job? some people move back in with mom and dad. one man zided to launch a company that slowly is filling a niche demand. >> there is another one, wheels momentum weaving through the maze. where could he be going on a skateboard? from here... a work shop. four walls and a dream. >> this is made ought of walnut and cherry. >> hand made wooden sunglasses sold through a web site it makes you look big. >> oh. yeah. definitely. we're way smaller than we look on the internet. >> we?
6:45 pm
>> capitol eye wear is him and an occasional employee. a student named max with a limited concept of mass production. >> how many do you make per day? >> well so far maybe like seven. >> these glasses aren't just an example of a product made in america but an attitude. steven graduated from college in the fall of 2008. he had a degree in marketing. just one problem, america entering the recession. no one would hire him. >> i just got sick of waiting. i get sick of people to decide what is going to happen for me. >> steven figured if no one would hire him, woe have to invent an item, then hire himself. but for a guy with rudimetary wood working skills, it took a while. >> i didn't know you couldn't
6:46 pm
do it. i just kept doing it. he bought a laser cutter. that was $8,000 but now, basic frames come out like pieces four at a time. then, hours of grinding, shaping sanding and a search for materials. steven plans to make more glasses out of this 2,000-year-old piece of redwood from a bridge. he so dedicated to the young business, he spends nights upstairs in a small apartment with only a hot plate and anal aly for a view. >> i've seen people in start ups who want to still have their weekends and work 9:00 to 5:00. i look at it loik this is a luchl troy work for yourself. >> sometimes, made in america means making yourself in america. lots of work, worry and a character building reality check for one college grad who
6:47 pm
couldn't get a job. >> could you get a marketing job? >> i think so. i don't know. >> would you want to? >> no. no way. >> because he still needs to get that next shipment off his skateboard and into the post office. >> what a straight grate story. we want to share with you a vantage point at mavericks surf competition. this is video. dhek out. dave wasel ryeing to catch a wife. -- wave. the 43-year-old mel would win and the santa cruz county native split his winning was others which is generous. >> really cool.
6:48 pm
>> they are remarkable. >> not too cold. >> it's going to remain mild one more day, then things change. clouds beginning to move over coastal area asks over the bay. it's going to be a clear night. thin clouds overhead, tomorrow, mild in the northern half of the state. warm down in south. 80s in los angeles, bay area, thin, high clouds, mainly sunny skies. to the south, highs at or above 70 degrees. here is the accu-weather forecast. light rain coming in early wednesday, mainly north bay event. we'll have clouds around. the cool pattern stays with us throughout the weekend. highs into 50s all across the
6:49 pm
bay area. >> you said cool. not cold. >> right. right. >> it's hard to be inside but that game you had to be there. >> such a fun game. what a great outcome for us. you're getting ready to head to new orleans soon. >> two brothers enter one brother leaves. yes, it's on. who is the better coach? jim? john sfr
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good evening, jack and jackie harbaugh watched from their couch, in two weeks they'll be in new orleans rooting for both of their children, we assume. think about it. from the rise of collin kaepe kaepernick to the retirement of ray lewis there are some story lines going into the game but brothers angle is what makes this contest unique. today jim said there is no question about which is the better coach, it's big
6:53 pm
brother. >> half of the amount of playoff but it's not about us. keep coming back to that. but very proud of my brother. that is -- that is the blessing part. >> john harbaugh is a year older and wasn't as good an aj laet as jim so he will start before jim did. they lost to the patriots in afc title game a year ago. and looking at what jim accomplished with pride. >> i'm proud of him as a coach but adds a man, his brother ask husband and this team reflects his personality. they play field position
6:54 pm
football this, year, they're a big time threat. we're just going to have to get prepare forward a great team. we'll work on that, this week. >> and when it comes to super bowl abc 7 news has got you covered. mike shumann and i will be heading up coverage in new orleans. i'm told marreddy gras will be going. chippers one of the best teams in nba but warriors have their number. kids out of school enjoying the game. given 26 points and 13 rebounds. check out the play here. warriors up by one at the half.
6:55 pm
clay with 18 points, finished strong. four straight threes. 18 points with six assists. warriors late in regulation, david lee stays with ut. and warriors take the season series with the clipper autos thank you. >> all right g enough. i know it's going to be an exciting two weeks of hype but going to be great to be there. >> by the way, mardi gras son hold. they're taking a break from the parade. >> probably safer for us. >> join me tonight at 9:00 coming up building a heart. allowing to us watch a heart tissue beegt outside of the body. what that means for
6:56 pm
everyone. >> then, pieces of history. looking for a home. why no one can agree on where to put the berlin wall. >> jimmy kimmel airs at 11:35. tonight guests ryan gosling and brad paysly from oo from all of us here, thank you for your time. we're going leave you live with stevie wonder performing at one of several balls going on in washington. >> we'll see you tonight 59 9:00 and 11:00. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
6:57 pm
as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- an elementary-school art teacher from charlotte, north carolina... an attorney and law clerk to a judge from yonkers, new york... and our reg champion, an actor from toronto, canada... [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome aboard. our champion, helen, may be from canada, but she has demonstrated in her two previous games
6:59 pm
that she knows a lot about american stuff -- american history, too. barbara and john, newcomers. welcome aboard. nice to have you here. let's go to work, players. here comes the jeopardy! round. dollar figures first. and now we reveal the ries. and they are... each correct response will begin with that letter. a whole category about that. alex: helen, start us. "t" time for $200, please. none dare accuse me of wearing one of these headdresses. john. what's a tiara? yes. let's do tv theme songs for $200, please, alex. helen. what is "survivor"? that's it. "t" time for $400, please. this eastern-u.s. location was much in the news in march of 1979.

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